My name is Salvador, and I have been very interested in technology from a young age. My interest led me to persue an associates in Multimedia Design and a Bachelors in Management Information Systems. I am eager to put my skills and knowledge to work in a workplace setting that provides a challenege as well as a learning experience.

Take a look around, stay as long as you would like.

DeVry Networking Association
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The Devry Networking Association website was designed with a technical theme in mind and was built around their logo that I created, which was a play on the DNA acronym for the school club.

LCC Enterprise
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LCC Enterprise has been a big help in my development for web design, they have offered me many projects to take on that ranged from interface design to music editing.

Impact-Gaming Community
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The Impact-Gaming Community website was designed for a Battlefield 4 gaming team. Rugged designs and war style characteristics were implimented into the theme to bring an overall feel of the game in the design.

Intense Gamers Clan
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The Intense Gamers Clan was focused around a technology and grunge style best suited for a war zone. Beautiful coloring and detail made this a sight to see.

Relativity Servers
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Design for a partner in the server providing sector who unfortunately is not with us any more.

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Website made for the e-gaming team "Random Acts of Violence".

Phantom Gaming
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Phantom Gaming left with an unused template when the team fell apart suddenly, it is still a good showcase however.

Ottawa University

Management Information Systems

Platt College San Diego

Multimedia Design

Graphic Design
Adaptive Web
Edge Code