My name is Salvador, and I have been very interested in technology from a young age. My interest led me to persue an associates in Multimedia Design and a Bachelors in Management Information Systems. I am eager to put my skills and knowledge to work in a workplace setting that provides a challenege as well as a learning experience.

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"Rock the NOC"
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ROCK THE NOC's logo was inquired by a contractor working in the network operation center at Google - Mountain View, CA. The logo was meant to bring new energy, a very important aspect in the Google environment.

Impact-Gaming Community Shirt
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The iGc shirt featured a vectored version of the logo I created for the team to better suit the silk screen printing, as well as add a uniform design throughout the shirt.

Bonita Buccs 1
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One of the many shirts created for the youth football team. This one was based off the ring the team recieved for winning the championship in their area.

Bonita Buccs 2
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Shirt design with an influence from the iGc shirt design.

Bonita Buccs 3
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The player on this shirt was vectored out of an image of a player to give a sense of motion to the design.

Bonita Buccs 4
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Another shirt in the series.

Ottawa University

Management Information Systems

Platt College San Diego

Multimedia Design

Graphic Design
Adaptive Web
Edge Code