My name is Salvador, and I have been very interested in technology from a young age. My interest led me to persue an associates in Multimedia Design and a Bachelors in Management Information Systems. I am eager to put my skills and knowledge to work in a workplace setting that provides a challenege as well as a learning experience.

Take a look around, stay as long as you would like.

Bonita Buccaneers 14u
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The ship and Bonita Buccaneers text was the original logo but was supplied at a sub-par resolution for print. Illustrator was utilized to retrace the logo for a clean finish and ability to resize whenever neccessary. Everything else is original with a nice white band to tie it all together with a modern look.

Sugar Petal Cakes and Confectionery
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Sugar Petal cakes sent in a preliminary sketch of their request and I worked from there. Done with illustrator, the rose pedal has nice detail but does not overwhelm the rest of the piece at the same time.

"Get Stuff Done" GSD
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"Get Stuff Done", a more appropriate way to spell out the acronym GSD was created for an enthusiastic group of people adamant on completing everyday tasks. It served its purpose as desktop wallpapers and phone backgrounds for those involved with the motto. Shiny and colorful to motivate and get the juices flowing.

Graphics Unlimited
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A clean logo created for a partner company to bring a cleaner image compared to their previous identity.

Face Roll
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"Face Roll" logo made for a competitive e-gaming team.

DeVry Networking Association
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The Devry Network Associates logo was designed prior to the website and was meant to resemble a DNA strand because of the acronym that the clubs title resulted in. There are two editions, one which has a port like configuration at the top of the double helix to resemble the logo plugging into a switch.

The Bad Clan
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"The Bad Clan" made for a competitive e-gaming team.

The Bad Clan
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"The Bad Clan" made for a competitive e-gaming team.

Konvicted Gaming
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"Konvicted Gaming" made for a competitive e-gaming team.

Mobility Gaming
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"Mobility Gaming" made for a competitive e-gaming team.

Bonita Buccaneers
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The logo for the youth football team was a venture that I enjoyed because of the natural aggressiveness of the design which reflects the sport. The logo was used in video productions and flyers.

Impact-Gaming Community
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The Impact-Gaming Community logo was designed with a sleek and powerful shield that represents the gaming team as a whole.

LOX Gaming
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LOX Gaming was an e-sport team.

Relativity Servers
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Logo was created for Relativity Servers, who hosted gaming servers a while back.

Ottawa University

Management Information Systems

Platt College San Diego

Multimedia Design

Graphic Design
Adaptive Web
Edge Code